About Us


The King’s English Classes are designed to encourage you to make your own sentences and are not just about cramming our material. In each lesson, our English tutors will ensure that you practice English speaking. Our teachers focus on improving vocabulary, grammar usage and building confidence through structured course curriculum. It is completely possible to learn English online through our conversational style of teaching.

At King’s English Classes Founded in India in 1998, King’s English Classes is one of the world’s leading language training organizations and also one of the largest associations of privately owned language schools.

With more than 308 language centers in 34 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, King’s English Classes is a cut above the rest, with the wide range of high-quality services that it provides to its clients.

Every year, we cater to the language training needs of thousands of individuals and many of the world’s top companies.

Our research and development unit in Haryana, India, ensures that our teaching material and methods are the most recent. They also make sure they are used consistently across the King’s English Classes.